How To Know God


Jesus very first message tells us how we can come to know God. Let’s look at it together. It is from Mark Chapter 1.

“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”


The Time is Fulfilled. The Jews had been invited by God into a relationship with Him. He had rescued them from slavery and was now offering them a life with Him forever. He invited them into an intimate relationship where they could talk back forth with each other. However the people were scared and asked Moses to go on their behalf. They rejected a friendship with God and instead asked for rules to live by. God relented and gave them rules, however amongst these laws He laid a trail back to His heart. The rules were to show them that they couldn’t behave their way into friendship with Him, they had to have faith in Him. Throughout time God continued to send Prophets to tell them that He was coming to show them the way out of fear, sin and death. The Jews were waiting for this Messiah who would free them from rules and show them the way to live. The prophecies speak of a man being born of a virgin, of being born in Bethlehem, and dying with the sins of the world so that all may live. When Jesus came and proclaimed the above message He was telling everyone, “You know all those promises you have been waiting on? Well, I am fulfilling them!” Jesus was saying that He was The Messiah, the One to change the world, the one to restore friendship wit God.


The kingdom of God is at hand. Part of the promise that the Jews had been waiting on was that God was going to restore the world back to the way He intended it. When God created the world He placed the humans in the Garden of Eden which actually means the garden of Pleasure. God created you for pleasure! It says that Adam and Eve walked with God. When we walk with God we are walking in pleasure. God wants you to be happy! His first miracle was turning water into wine so the party could continue! When He healed the sick and cast out demons He said the Kingdom of God has come.  Jesus was announcing that this Kingdom was now and that He was going to show everyone what God was like. In fact Jesus in the exact representation of God! Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus death and resurrection is a sign of how much He loves us and wants us to know that God is for us and not against us!


Repent, and believe in the gospel. Gospel literally means Good News. The good news is that we can know God and have a relationship with Him! All this goodness is available for you to experience right now! Hehas already forgiven and accepted you. However we need to agree if we want to enjoy Him. When we combine these words, Repent, (which literally translates to “change your mind”) and Believe, we see that it means to make a decision. That decision is to say, Yes God! I accept your invitation to know You and experience You! I want to experience all the goodness and love and healing and freedom and joy and peace that You have for me! I choose You! I choose to follow You and do my life with You at the centre! When you honestly make that decision you will become increasingly aware of God touching your heart and filling you with love, joy and peace.


Would you like to know God? He is listening and calling you into His presence. Perhaps you can pray the above prayer. If you did just pray the above prayer for the first time or if you would like to talk this over further, or would like me to pray with you please send me an email on I would love to hear your story and would love to help you find some people who you can continue to walk with you through this wonderful life of knowing and enjoying God!

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