The Atonement




The Atonement has been long misunderstood. We have missed out on some of the juiciest bits of the gospel feast. We have been led to believe that it was purely about Jesus taking the punishment we deserve so we can be with God forever. But the good news is that there is much much more to enjoy! I hope you find the following resources helpful in shifting your thinking and explaining the atonement.

Articles by James Thompson

The Cross: Appeasing Man Not God

The Lamb: Who’s You Are Not What You’ve Done

The Blood: Sign Not Substitute

Does God Respond To You?

Other Articles

Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross by Greg Boyd

The Christus Victor View Of Atonement by Greg Boyd


The Great Dance by Baxter Kruger

Understanding the Whole Bible: The King, the Kingdom, and the New Covenant by Jonothan Welton

Cosmos Reborn : Happy Theology on the New Creation by John Crowder


Trinity Happy Hour


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