James Thompson

Hi Everyone! My name is James and if there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am wildly passionate about Jesus! He really is closer than you think and better than you could ever have imagined! I am blessed with a beautiful wife, and three gorgeous kids.

My story is that I grew up as a Missionary Kid. I spent 6 or so years living in Bangladesh and Barbados. Straight after High School I had an encounter with God that would change my life forever. What used to be my parents faith suddenly became my own as I saw and experienced God doing things that I had only ever read about in the Bible.

This set me on a path of pursuing His presence and sharing His good news around the World. I have had all sorts of adventures working as a Youth Worker, Salvation Army Officer (Pastor), Missionary to Africa, and so forth. My heart is for people to know and experience God. I love helping people encounter Him through preaching the good news, healing, the prophetic and meditation.

Through this blog I would love to help lead people into the glorious experience of the ecstasy of salvation (bliss) through Happy Theology, Christian Mysticism and Heart Transformation so that the sons and daughters of God can represent the heart of The Father to the ends of the Earth!

I would love it if you would leave comments, email me, and engage in the content. I am learning as I go and would love to share the road with you. I am sure that as we walk together our hearts will burn with the presence of Jesus.

About James

My name is James. I'm married to the beautiful Sarah. I'm Daddy to Jedidiah, Stacey and Mckayla. I'm a Follower of Jesus. Preacher, Author, Sports Lover and Area Manager at Compassion.

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