Cannot be Hidden


Glory Community Recently our Church Community eldership team committed to pressing in for “glory to glory.” We wanted to make sure we were embracing everything God has for us. As a result our Church Community has been experiencing a number of exciting phenomena. Numerous people have been experiencing physical manifestations of the Spirit, others are having incredible dreams as they...

Flying Miracles and Kingdom Community


I want to tell you a crazy story of Flying Miracles and Kingdom Community… This story starts in the 1600’s. A boy named Joseph was born. As he grew up people thought there was something wrong with him. He would often be angry, he could not concentrate, and he was very clumsy often breaking things. His mum could not cope with her sons apparent condition and treated him harshly, just as many...

The 4 Stages of Prayer


I love reading about mystics who had incredible ecstatic experiences. (A mystic is simply someone who experiences God.) I get excited hearing about the walking preaching dead, people floating, and other bizarre miracles. At different times in my life I have chased after such experiences, and forgotten to value friendship with God. Rolland Baker helpfully reminds us that, “Jesus must be our...

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My name is James. I'm married to the beautiful Sarah. I'm Daddy to Jedidiah, Stacey and Mckayla. I'm a Follower of Jesus. Preacher, Author, Sports Lover and Area Manager at Compassion.

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