Adopted to Sonship


The most stunning revelation that Jesus brought was that God was our Daddy. (Abba) The world had images and ideas about who God was, but they were all lacking. Jesus came to reveal who God was, and what He was like. He came to show us God. And the way that Jesus decided to reveal God to us, was as Daddy. Following on through this family language, we are then told in modern translations of the...

Best Evangelism Tool


After years of training people in evangelism, I now see that the best evangelism tool, is not how to perform signs and wonders or how to present the 4 Spiritual Laws. Rather, it is how to be the Church. The Church, that is the family of God, is the way God wants to spread His Kingdom. He spreads it through His Sons and Daughters. So the question becomes, how do you raise Sons and Daughters? The...

Buried Bliss And Finding the God Who Hides


One day Sarah went out and left with me with our three kids. Normally this is no big deal. I like to think that I do a pretty good job looking after my kids. But this night was different… The kids were going bananas. They were tired, I was tired, and all hell was breaking loose. (Parents you know what I’m talking about!) I finally got the kids into the bath, and began the night time routine...

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My name is James. I'm married to the beautiful Sarah. I'm Daddy to Jedidiah, Stacey and Mckayla. I'm a Follower of Jesus. Preacher, Author, Sports Lover and Area Manager at Compassion.

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