How Did Jesus Take on the Sin of the World?


How did Jesus take on the sin of the world? How does someone take someone else’s sin? In a legal sense it simply meant taking the punishment. But this doesn’t account for the agony Jesus experienced in the passion. So what was going on? I believe that there is a prophetic passage in Isaiah 53 that speaks about this. To lay a foundation we need to look at how Jesus described sin. He...

Debating Gay Marriage


I am disgusted by how our Nation has been handling the Gay Marriage debate. On every single side of this debate there have been people that have disrespected, dishonoured and disregarded one another. I am especially disappointed with the lack of wisdom spewing out the mouths from fellow followers of Jesus. This post is not about how one should vote. This post is about how a Jesus follower should...

Is Paul Young a Universalist?


Wow! People are upset by some of the things Paul Young, author of The Shack, has been writing. The most commonly held concern people have is that he is a universalist. What they mean is that they believe he is teaching that all people are saved, and going to Heaven. Now, I want to be careful here because 1) a lot of people that I love and admire have come out really strongly against him and his...

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